SomewhereWarm loves the warm, bright side of e-commerce – where any idea can come to life, grow and have the impact it deserves. This is why we live and breathe WooCommerce!

We are dedicated to contributing to WooCommerce and take pride in having built some of the most sought-after extensions in the WooCommerce ecosystem.

SomewhereWarm is:


Head of Everything (Master of Nothing)

INTJ. On a life-long quest for all that's simple and true. Garbage-collects near the sea, fatal-errors away from it.


High Elf

ENFJ. Marked by an insatiable curiosity and a desire for learning and creating. Unafraid of the ghosts of Men, like all Elves.



ESTP. What Millou lacks in technical skill, she more than makes up for through enthusiasm and unimaginable cuteness.

Join Us

Would you like to work with impactful web technologies and help people prosper at scale? We are a tiny but globally-minded company that believes in the power of WordPress and WooCommerce to transform the web — and the world.

But things don't change — we change. We work to make WordPress better for the world, but we carve and paint our own world, too. Because to work means to learn; to overcome; to grow together. To be truly valued; irreplaceable. Our success is our capacity to affect the quality of the day.

At SomewhereWarm, we support autonomy by nurturing fellowship. We know that self-driven individuals will shine when left alone; but we all learn faster and have more fun in company.

Want to join a team to grow with? We're hiring!