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WooCommerce Composite Products v3

Composite Products version 3.0 is finally here, after 12 weeks of development and a whopping 187 commits.

The new version includes many requested features and improvements targeted towards large-scale kitting applications, including:

  • a redesigned, responsive front-end and back-end UI,
  • multiple front-end UX refinements,
  • WP_Query-based retrieval, pagination, sorting and filtering of component options,
  • front-end and back-end performance optimizations,
  • exclusion-based scenario definitions,
  • bundled shipping improvements, and
  • helpful documentation for developers.

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Dealing with Squeezed WooCommerce Product Forms

By default, WooCommerce places single-product summaries right next to the main product image / thumbnails section, which is ideal for displaying product descriptions, prices and meta. Add-to-cart forms are normally displayed inside the single-product summary, too, which works well when displaying Simple or Variable product forms.

However, this styling/templating pattern is much less suitable for product forms containing multiple input elements, text blocks and/or images. Complex product types, such as Product Bundles and Composite Products, often end up looking squeezed between the main image and sidebar.

Many themes include options for modifying the WooCommerce single-product template layout, sometimes even for individual products. If your theme doesn’t offer this flexibility, the WooCommerce Stacked Product Layout plugin might be your next best option.
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