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WooCommerce: Subscribing to All The Things

WooCommerce Subscriptions finally got its much-anticipated v2.0 update, earlier in October. The new version, which has been in development for more than a year, is a major rewrite of the plugin that introduces support for multiple subscriptions, allowing customers to purchase more than one per order. It also makes WooCommerce Subscriptions much friendlier for developers, since it now relies on a custom Subscription post type for storing and accessing subscription data, separately from the order in which a subscription is purchased.

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Product Bundles: Min/Max Items Mini-Extension

Only a few days after announcing Tabular Layout, the first mini-extension for Product Bundles, it’s time to release yet another one into the wild: Product Bundles: Min/Max Items.

One of the most frequently requested features in Product Bundles has been been the ability to define minimum or maximum bundled item quantity constraints at container level. Thankfully, the WooCommerce Mix n’ Match Products extension was recently released to fill that gap: The idea behind MnM is that you set the container size (the quantity of items needed to purchase a “complete” bundle) and define which items should be available to choose from, giving customers full control over the quantities of the individual products being purchased together. Now, with Min/Max Items, you can finally have this kind of goodness in your Product Bundles.

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Product Bundles: Tabular Layout Mini-Extension

Important: The Tabular Layout mini-extension was rolled into Product Bundles v5.0. Downloading a separate feature plugin is no longer necessary.

Since WooCommerce Product Bundles was introduced in 2012, the extension has grown slowly but steadily. v4.7.0 marked the introduction of optional bundled items, while v4.9.0 made it possible to define user-configurable bundled product quantities. Today, Bundles are commonly used as a powerful alternative to Grouped Products. In comparison to Grouped Products, Bundles provide:

  • greater pricing (static or content-based) and shipping (bundled or non-bundled) flexibility,
  • full support for variable products with variation filters,
  • advanced features such as optional bundled products, bundle-level discounts, min/max bundled product quantity limits and the ability to bundle multiple instances of the same product.

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WooCommerce Composite Products v3

Composite Products version 3.0 is finally here, after 12 weeks of development and a whopping 187 commits.

The new version includes many requested features and improvements targeted towards large-scale kitting applications, including:

  • a redesigned, responsive front-end and back-end UI,
  • multiple front-end UX refinements,
  • WP_Query-based retrieval, pagination, sorting and filtering of component options,
  • front-end and back-end performance optimizations,
  • exclusion-based scenario definitions,
  • bundled shipping improvements, and
  • helpful documentation for developers.

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