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Product Bundles: Tabular Layout Mini-Extension

Important: The Tabular Layout mini-extension was rolled into Product Bundles v5.0. Downloading a separate feature plugin is no longer necessary.

Since WooCommerce Product Bundles was introduced in 2012, the extension has grown slowly but steadily. v4.7.0 marked the introduction of optional bundled items, while v4.9.0 made it possible to define user-configurable bundled product quantities. Today, Bundles are commonly used as a powerful alternative to Grouped Products. In comparison to Grouped Products, Bundles provide:

  • greater pricing (static or content-based) and shipping (bundled or non-bundled) flexibility,
  • full support for variable products with variation filters,
  • advanced features such as optional bundled products, bundle-level discounts, min/max bundled product quantity limits and the ability to bundle multiple instances of the same product.

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