Product Bundles: Min/Max Items Mini-Extension

Only a few days after announcing Tabular Layout, the first mini-extension for Product Bundles, it’s time to release yet another one into the wild: Product Bundles: Min/Max Items.

One of the most frequently requested features in Product Bundles has been been the ability to define minimum or maximum bundled item quantity constraints at container level. Thankfully, the WooCommerce Mix n’ Match Products extension was recently released to fill that gap: The idea behind MnM is that you set the container size (the quantity of items needed to purchase a “complete” bundle) and define which items should be available to choose from, giving customers full control over the quantities of the individual products being purchased together. Now, with Min/Max Items, you can finally have this kind of goodness in your Product Bundles.

The free Min/Max Items mini-extension for Product Bundles adds two new options under the Bundled Products tab: Items >= and Items <=. When these options are populated, the plugin will validate the total quantity of selected bundled items and display a relevant notice: i) while configuring a bundle and ii) when attempting to add it to the cart.

Note that, in comparison to Mix ‘n Match, it comes with a serious catch: It is not officially supported. So if you decide to use the free Product Bundles: Mix/Max Items mini-extension in a production environment, please be aware that support, future development and timely availability of updates are not guaranteed.

The lowdown:

If you have already purchased Product Bundles and: i) need a way to set container-level quantity constraints on top of existing bundles, or ii) used Product Bundles to implement multiple selections in Composite Products and need a way to enforce quantity constraints, then Min/Max items might be the thing for you.

If, on the other hand, you need to set up container-level quantity constraints in assortments of grouped products/variations and your research has brought you to the Mix ‘n Match Products extension, then look no further: Get it. It was built for that purpose from the ground-up, and is fully supported.

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